The Dashboard Effect

The Dashboard Effect

Conversations and interviews on data, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) with Brick Thompson, Jon Thompson, and Caleb Ochs.

August 16, 2022
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#24 - Azure and Power BI - A Match Made in BI Heaven

Brick and Caleb discuss some of the many ways that Power BI and the Microsoft Azure platform work together so well. Power BI can do reporting well from most data systems, but when it is paired with the services in Azure, a lot of additional capabilities are made easy to do.Blue Margin helps private ...

August 11, 2022
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#23 - How Not to Build a Dashboard

In this episode, Brick and Caleb discuss some of the things to avoid when building a dashboard, whether for yourself or for a business. They cover approximately ten important items to consider. (It sounded like they could have kept going, so we may need to get them to do a sequel!)Blue Margin helps ...

August 09, 2022
00:15:1710.52 MB

#22 - The Pros and Cons of Low or No code ETL Tools

Brick and Caleb discuss low and no code ETL tools, sometimes referred to as "enterprise service bus" or ESB or eBus. They point out some of the common pros and cons to think about when considering using one of these tools.Blue Margin helps private equity and mid-market companies organize t...

August 05, 2022
00:25:4417.7 MB

#21 - When Not to Use a Data Warehouse

Brick, Blue Margin's founder and CEO, and Caleb, Vice President of Delivery Operations, discuss some of the most common situations where it makes sense to skip the data warehouse and instead do your analysis and reporting without it.Blue Margin helps private equity and mid-market companies orga...

August 03, 2022
00:12:548.89 MB

#20 - How to Budget for a BI Project, with Kate Eberle

Brick, Blue Margin's founder and CEO, and Kate, Director of Consulting, discuss how to think about what an appropriate budget might be for BI projects. They get into considerations around ROI and business impact, and also whether to do the work internally or potentially an outside partner.Blue ...

August 01, 2022
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#19 - Using BI to Drive Accountability, with Greg Brown

Brick sits down with Greg Brown, one of Blue Margin's consultants, to discuss accountability in business and how BI can play a big role in creating a culture of accountability.Brick references the book, The Game of Work, by Charles Coonradt. Here's the link to its Amazon listing. And here&...

July 30, 2022
00:22:3215.5 MB

#18 - How to Effectively Manage a BI Project, with Jennie Swenson

Brick sits down with Jennie Swenson, Blue Margin's Director of the PMO, to discuss the project management approach she and her PMs take to delivering successful BI projects.Visit our podcast website at

July 25, 2022
00:17:2011.94 MB

#17 - Why We Moved to Fixed-Price Billing

Brick and Caleb discuss Blue Margin's shift from time-and-materials to fixed-price billing. The change has materially improved the outcomes of their projects for clients and for Blue Margin. Some of the benefits are not intuitively obvious but will make sense to most billing professionals.For a...

July 23, 2022
00:26:3818.32 MB

#16 - How to Succeed with BI: Types of Data Sources and Data Integration

Brick and Caleb discuss the different types of data sources you might run into when building reports or a data warehouse. They also talk about approaches for combining data from different systems and dealing with data redundancy. This one gets a little bit technical.

July 20, 2022
00:22:2315.4 MB

#15 - Taking Advantage of Economic Headwinds, Interview with Jill Belconis

Jon Thompson, Cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Margin, sits down with Jill Belconis, career CEO at Shelter Mortgage turned strategic business coach. They discuss taking an offensive stance during cyclical economic downturns, focusing on your “one thing,” using a job scorecard (BI) for ac...

July 19, 2022
00:18:3312.77 MB

#14 - How to Quickly Get BI Wins

Brick and Caleb discuss how an organization can quickly start doing real BI. Getting going is easier than you might think, but there are a few key things to keep in mind.

July 17, 2022
00:15:2410.6 MB

#13 - BI Is Not the Same as an ERP Implementation

Brick and Caleb discuss why a BI project can and should be much more agile than something like an ERP implementation, delivering results and value quickly.

July 10, 2022
00:12:488.82 MB

#12 - Why Spend Time on Report Design and Wireframing, with Will Trickett

Brick and Will discuss the significant benefits of spending time up front on report design before jumping into the reporting tool to do the actual build.

July 09, 2022
00:10:357.3 MB

#10 - How to Succeed with BI: Defining the Impact

Brick and Caleb discuss defining the impact a BI effort is expected to deliver so you can decide whether it is worth the effort or can be achieved in a simpler way.

July 09, 2022
00:09:506.79 MB

#11 - How to Succeed with BI: Aligning on Metrics

Brick and Caleb discuss the importance of aligning on the definition of metrics. It seems obvious, but can be tricky if you're not careful.